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About Terri Gansereit

Terri Gansereit began her work in holistic health in 1984 upon receiving certification as a massage therapist from the Southeastern School of Healing Arts. She practiced independently for many years and has worked within chiropractic clinics for the past 8 years. In the year 2000 she received certification as a neuromuscular massage therapist from Rising Spirit Massage School. While able to effect positive change, produce pain relief and assist clients’ in their rehabilitative effort most of the time, there were some cases where the necessary breakthrough was elusive; where the prescribed massage techniques didn’t result in the desired outcomes. Terri’s search for a therapy or technique to use to help in these cases led to her training in the Bowen Technique.

Terri has always desired to work in a way that is holistic, that addresses the entire person on all levels of their being in a manner that is respectful of the body’s innate intelligence. For her, learning and practicing the Bowen Technique was like finally finding the proper “operators manual” for the body. It produces positive change and allows her clients to realize their health related goals.

Terri completed her training in the Bowen Technique with the successful completion of Module 7 in March 2005.  She studied the curriculum of the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia. Terri has also studied reiki, shiatsu, jin shin do acupressure, therapeutic touch and has an undergraduate degree in business and management from the University of Maryland.

She has lived in Atlanta, Georgia since 1981.


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