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Client Comments & Experiences

"I've never felt this relaxed after a massage. This is wonderful!"
-Debbie L., School Teacher

"My joint pain is gone and I have so much more energy!"
-Penny M.

"Episodes with severe neck pain are less frequent and when I do have one it isn't near as painful and it only lasts a fraction of the time that it used to."
-Diane L.

"After suffering severe pain from my sciatic nerve in my left leg, I was pain free after my third session."
-Leanne R.

"I like how I feel after a Bowen session and my shoulder isn't bothering me anymore."
-Robin G.

"After three sessions the "brain fog" that had caused me to drop out of college was no longer present, I was back in school and more involved in family life.
-Ernie D., Student

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